What is Rapid Prayer?

Short, focused prayers of 30-45 seconds in length. We invite volunteers to prepare a prayer on a topic that the Lord has placed on their heart. Each prayer must be grounded in scripture. It's amazing to see the Lord work through His people and His word. About 10 volunteers per hour pray on stage during the program. We organize the prayers into the following topics.

Prayer for Government.jpg

business, education and government

These spheres of our society can sometimes seem impersonal, but we know that God wants to inspire you to be a leader.


families and the church

We are created for relationships - with Christ, with our families and with God's Church. Pray that our relationships will be healthy and spirit filled.

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entertainment, arts and media

God created us in His image and that means that we are creative beings. We pray for those who help shape our culture to be the light in dark places.

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