Lord, we pray for businesses throughout California. We pray that you would raise up business owners that have your heart.  We know that you have sent many into the marketplace to be a light in the business world and we lift them up to you.  

Please bless every business owner with insight and strategy that will be used to be a blessing to the inhabitants in this state. Give fresh ideas and vision that will create jobs for those who need them and a thriving economy for the state of California.

Help each person who would like to become a business owner with the necessary tools and drive to be able to accomplish that goal. We also declare open doors for them in Jesus name.

We pray for business and industry leaders to come to you. Send believers into every office, field and meeting.  Send believers into every business in California to be a witness to you and cause people to come to Christ.

Thank you that you care for everything that affects our lives, you care about our livelihood and you use it all for your glory. Help us to always be on assignment for you and represent you well. In Jesus’ name. Amen.