Lord, we pray for our government. We pray that You would set in each position the people that You want in those offices.  We pray that our government would be infiltrated with believers full of faith and without compromise.  We pray that you would send people into politics who have your heart and who will walk in integrity.  

We thank you for the people who are already in the halls of our government offices representing you and making decisions that reflect the cares and concerns of the constituents.  

We pray for our local leadership in Bakersfield that they would govern effectively and truly care for the people of Bakersfield. We pray for the officials on the statewide level that California would be known as a place that you are glorified and where righteousness rules.

We pray for our government on a national level, we pray that you would raise up the leader that you want in office. We do not lean to our own understanding nor do we rely on what the world says, we look to you.  We know that there have been many decisions made over the last decades that have led us as a nation away from you and we repent. Let righteousness rule in the land Father and we pray that you would be exalted above all else. In Jesus’ name, amen.