My favorite way to refer to God is as Father. Jesus was the perfect example of how God our Father loves us and how we should relate back to Him. The God of all creation has adopted us and calls us His own.  What an astounding concept if you really stop to think about it.  I appreciate Him as savior and worship Him as Lord and King.  There are so many names in the Bible that describe who He is and even what He does.  All of His names are great and true. However, as father, He embodies all of these things.  Because of who we are to Him, his children, we can rightfully take on the attributes of our Father God.

My natural father is a great dad, he has always done the best he could for my brother and I and we so appreciate that. My father instilled so many principles that he lives by into us and we have taken them as our own.  When you see us and the values we hold you see our father.  That is what I want to be said about me regarding my heavenly Father.  Jesus said it, “ When you see me, you see the Father”, he said “ The Father and I are one” and He said that “ I only say what I hear my Father say”.  

Let it be said of us as children of God that we look just like our Father, that we love like Him, talk and act like Him.  Let us awake to the reality of who we are as children of God and joint heirs with Jesus Christ.  

Thank you Lord that you are the best Father, that you do not leave us as orphans but you adopt us into your family.  Please give us the grace to always reflect your nature, so that the world see you when they look at us. In Jesus’ name, Amen.